One of artists who are inspiring me…

One of artists who are inspiring me...

This is real Personality – one of my favorite persons who are inspiring me… Happy birthday Mikhail Baryshnikov… with the greatest respect!


William Shakespere play ,,The Merchant of Venice”

  I am working on this play.

But i have allot of questions in wich i can’t find the answers…

And i want to debate with all people of good will 🙂

Currently I am creating a new performance by William Shakespeare play ,,The Merchant of Venice” in the Tbilisi State Academic Russian Drama Theatre named A.S. Griboyedov, Georgia.

I am looking for people with whom I could discuss about this play.
I’m interested in the opinion of such people who know very well Jewish culture, history, traditions and of course religion.

I am on main play character ,,Shylok” side, but still there are questions to which I can’t find the answers. Issues related with Shylok behavior, and correct answers are very important. And of course they relate to Jewish tradition, religion and culture.

And if I will not understand all this things correctly – it will by not be able for my to convey Shylok righteousness, to defense him, and even will be not able to defend my own approach.

I also want, that performance would not have any anti-Semitic colors.

I would be very sincerely thankful if you would agree to talk with me, to discuss, to tell my your ovn opinion about this play.